Book of the Week regular James Shapiro is the author of this week’s entry, ’1599 – A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare’. His intimate history follows Shakespeare  through the single year that helped him establish himself as one of the greatest writers who ever lived. You can order it from the Globe shop here.

Here’s what the critics say about Shapiro’s book:

‘The author loves his subject and writes erudite, undumbed-down history that none the less reads as fluidly as a good novel.’
David Mitchell, Guardian (Books of the Year)

‘A superb book – the product of marathon scholarship, inspired insight, narrative flair, astute surmise and searching intelligence.’
Sunday Times

‘An unforgettable illumination of a crucial moment in the life of our greatest writer.’

‘One of the few genuinely original biographies of Shakespeare. ’
Jonathan Bate, Sunday Telegraph

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1599 – A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare is available for £9.99 in the Globe shop.